How to find the right flooring fit for you

You’ve gone over the budget a dozen times but you still can’t seem to be able to justify a new floor for you place. Where do you go from here? Are you doomed to gnarly linoleum purgatory?

Probably not. Be we understand why you might think so.

You’ve probably been to a few websites and maybe even walked into the big box stores and from what you are hearing and seeing, it looks like this might cost a pretty penny. Well…maybe, maybe not. Before you get too worried that your perfect floor is out of reach, consider this.

  1. The person you talked to may be trying to upsell you to death.
    If you are going into a dedicated flooring store, you may be getting the pitch for the BMW when you are really looking for something more practical but still good looking. You need to be finding what fits you best, which is where we can help.
  2. The person you talked to or the site you visited may have lousy information
    The fact is, most flooring sites are terrible and big box stores are chocked full of clueless sales associates. We know what it takes to have great info on a site because we know how hard it is — we do it all the time. And when you talk to us face-to-face, we can assure you that you’ll be getting years (more than 15) of experience with flooring of all kinds.

The solution is to call and schedule a sit-down with us so we can show you all of the options you have open to you. You might be able to restore the floors you have if they are hardwood and it reasonable shape. Our sister company, Palmetto Floor Sanding (864) 363-0652), is a force in the Upstate and has been for years. They have become experts in wood floor refinishing, floor sanding and hardwood floor repair and might be just what you are looking for.

We won’t steer you wrong because our priority is your satisfaction.